#youareyourlight #youwillbloomagain



#youareyourlight #youwillbloomagain

I first wrote on this topic in 2018. You can have a read by following the link . I still believe deeply in what I wrote but I would like to speak to it at a slightly different angle. 

What came before life and light? Darkness. Simple.

God made us for a purpose. We are here for a reason. When we leave this Earth our legacies will live on with others. Our children, our relatives, friends, that random person whose life you touched (I am working on the convicted assumption that we are all working towards leaving behind a legacy that is bigger than our visions for our lives).

Our loss has taken each of us to place of darkness that we experience with extreme feelings of guilt, anger, confusion and so many other negative feelings. This bleakness around us keeps us in the dark. Keeps us living a life full of light. 

If we are able to open our “roots” – hearts to receiving nutrients in the form of love, compassion, help of any positive force from others, we will slowly heal and grow from this. Think about plants that die on the surface during winter only to bloom again during spring. Their roots, firmly encased in the darkness of the soil are still receiving nutrients and soaking them in keeping the plant alive ensuring that when spring comes, their beauty will be seen again. 

You will bloom again. Your light will shine brighter as you get through this darkness. You will be able to light the way for others. Do not be afraid of the darkness. You are your light. 

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