Why do we need perinatal bereavement care?

The loss of a dreamed for pregnancy/child is both a physiological event for a woman as well as an emotional and sociocultural one. Women often form attachments to their child early in the pregnancy and therefore a pregnancy loss can be emotionally devastating regardless of the gestational age of the fetus. In the face of such profound suffering, it’s quite natural to wonder if parents should be protected— from seeing their baby, from forming memories, and from expressing their devotion.

The value of protecting parents is a myth. Indeed, there is simply no way to protect parents from the painful reality of their baby’s death and the grief that follows. It’s far more therapeutic to support parents as they face reality.

At Vessel Is Me we want bereaved and their loved ones to know that no matter what happens during an end of life situation, they are not alone and they have a hand to hold.
  • Provides Hope; grief is a winding road were no two roads are the same, gathering in a group allow people who are early in their journey to connect with those who are much further along. Gathering shows that it’s possible to feel joy again. For those further along, sharing their healing process provides important affirmation to themselves and confirms the group is helpful resource.
  • You are not alone. The reminder that you are not alone! Grieving can be lonely, isolating.
  • A different perspective: By listening and learning, you may come away with some useful perspectives to help you move along on your grief journey.